Lacticínios do Paiva S.A,  have it’s own Food Safety Management System certified in accordance with ISO 22000:2005. 

This certification assures consumers an added safety on all products, as it covers areas of collection and reception of milk, the manufacture, slicing and delivery to the customer of fresh, ripened and cottage cheese kind. This certification was conducted by SGS, a company accredited by IPAC (Portuguese Institute for Accreditation) and one of the most reputable companies operating in the certification of companies in the agri-food industry. 


In terms of environmental management the key challenge is to ensure that natural resources needed for our activities are well used and that their capacity for regeneration is not compromised.

We have to be demanding as regards pollution control and environmental risk, ensuring the collection of waste, recovery of byproducts, waste water treatment, reducing noise levels and accident prevention as well as  training and awareness of all employees.

On the other hand, it is necessary to detect and combat waste, that result in water waste and unnecessary energy, eliminate waste of raw materials, auxiliary materials or products, preventing it from becoming pollution in the form of emissions, effluents or waste. It is promoting eco-efficiency of production processes, but also the products themselves and of their channels of distribution: create more value with less impact.


Lacticínios do Paiva S.A., develops actions that ensures compliance with the requirements and expectations of its clients, with which keeps a close and transparent relation. For that so the Company defined and implemented the Food Safety Policy, which is based on the following commitments:

  • Qualifying and periodically evaluate suppliers, demanding rigor in the quality of products supplied. Maintain good communication with them in order to ensure food safety and quality of raw materials as well as additives and processing aids;
  • Ensure adequate training to employees in order to develop their skills and enrich the knowledge for effective performance of their activities and responsible;
  • Contribute to a better environment through the use of resources, and the treatment of waste resulting from industrial activity;
  • Investing in technology development and process improvement in order to track changes and market developments, achieving a greater satisfaction ofcustomer needs and expectations;
  • Continually evaluate and promote customer satisfaction;
  • Ensure the maintenance of the Food Safety System Management to ensure the production of products in accordance with established procedures, to fulfill thelegal requirements and contractual requirements made to the customers;
  • Ensure the identification, evaluation and control of hazards and risks related to food security, meeting the requirements stipulated by the methodology HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)as well as applicable regulations and Codex Alimentarius;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of organization and periodic review of the Food System Safety Management;
  • Develop actions that contribute to improving the profitability of the Company;
  • Maintain active communication with all stakeholders( suppliers, customers, and other Supreme Audit Institutions), issues related to food security.


The interaction with the local community is based onthe development and strengthening of relationships with the communities where we operate

  • support the development and education of responsible citizenship and participatory;
  • support to pioneering initiatives in education, especially in research, and at university level and higher;
  • supporting the development of partnerships with the education system, particularly the higher education system and universities;
  • support for social institutions in the localities where the group is inserted;
  • support for social solidarity actions at local andnational;
  • support for initiatives / pioneer projects in the area of solidarity / social work with special emphasis on the protocol established with the Portas P’ra Vida Association thus supporting the integration of Citizens with Disabilities in the labor market;

For questions regarding the quality of our products and services:

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